Bus Information

We have again contracted with First Student bus services to transport children to and from school 
during the 2018/2019 school year. The attached letter is the contract with certain rules, 
responsibilities and regulations put into place in order to keep our children safe. To ride a bus is a privilege, not a guarantee, so following the rules completely allows children and parents a convenient way of getting their children to and from school safely. 

* Please read the following information carefully.

1. Kindergarten and First Graders will not be dropped off, after school, if their pick up
person is not at the stop. The child will be transported back to school after the bus has
completed its route and held in the office until they are picked up.

2.  Second through eighth grade students will be dropped off at their designated stop. It is the
parent's responsibility from the point of drop-off for your child to get home safely. The bus
driver will NOT sit and wait for all parents to pick up their child in this age group.

3. The first 3 weeks kindergarten & first grade students will have a badge noting they are bus
riders and not to be dropped off unless their person is present to pick them up.

4. It is most important parents and students know if they are riding the bus any and all days
BEFORE leaving home. My office staff has been instructed to hold parents accountable for children knowing if they are riding the bus or not. Due to the added chaos at the end of each day, it is not possible to deliver messages about bus transportation to children. Therefore, bus messages will not be delivered to students at any time of the day. No exceptions!

We are excited about being able to offer bussing to our families. Please understand, it will take a few weeks to balance everything out before the schedule runs smoothly. The schedule most likely will 
change as families sign up for this service, but families will be notified of changes. Please be patient and understand we are doing it for the convenience of our families ... 

Mrs. Pombo

Please Email Forms to:

Bus Registration.pdf

bus schedule2018-19.pdf