Non – Resident Application

Non - Resident Application

Student's Legal Name


   Gender M  F 

Grade in Fall 2017  River Islands Resident? Y N   Does Your Child attend CDI? Y  N 


Parent/Guardianship Information 

Duplicate Mailing - If Divorced/Separated of joint custody, allows duplicate mailing to be given to the other parent

List all School Age Siblings Currently Enrolled at NextGeneration STEAM Academy

List all Other Siblings you are Applying for at NextGeneration

List all Other School Age Siblings in the Home

Please select any student services your child received at the last school attended: 

Special Education: Resource (RSP)   Speech/Language   Special Day Class (SDC) 

Other: Counseling   English Language Development   

1. Has your child ever been referred and/or evaluated to receive special education services such as Speech, RSP, SDC, SST or a 504 Plan?   Yes   No 

2. Does the student have an active IEP or 504?  Yes   No  

      If YES, you will need to provide a copy of the current IEP or 504

3. Has this student been identified for GATE?    Yes   No 


I certify that all information provided in this application is true, accurate, and complete.  I understand that if my child is enrolled, my having given false or misleading information in my application form or having omitted significant information may result in the discharge for my child from the school. 



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