Weekend Activity

Every weekend, we will have a fun, family-oriented weekend activity for the students to do. Set aside 45 minutes each weekend to do these activities with your child.

April 14th – 16th:

  • Alphabet Hunt!
    • Ask your child if they would like to be a letter detective today! As a letter detective, it is their job to find an object for each letter of the alphabet! The letter detective must find something in the house that starts with an Aa, Bb, Cc, etc. For the letter Aa, they might find an apple in the kitchen. For the letter Bb, they might find a bear or banana.
    • Have fun finding letter sounds with your child!
  • Read the books titled I’m 1 Frog & I Am 1 Hat.

I'm 1 Frog - 1st.pdf
I am 1 Hat - level 04.pdf