TK - Miss Sigars

Ms. Cassidy Sigars


My name is Cassidy Sigars. This is my second year at NextGeneration STEAM Academy and I am excited to explore the new school year with your children! Last year I taught the Transitional-Kindergarten/Kindergarten class. We are now in our second year at NGSA and we are ready to make this year an even more exciting school year with projects, hands-on learning, and lots of fun, safe interactive learning!

I have attached below the TK School Supply List and the TK/K Parent Form. Please look at the school supply list and bring the items to school on the first day. Please contact me through email if you are unable to purchase/find any of the items at Fill out the Parent Form and bring it to the TK/Kinder breakfast or send it to school with your child on the first day of school.

I look forward to meeting everyone soon!

TK School Supply List.pdf
TK-K Parent Forms.pdf