Student Success Team (SST)

We believe that students are most successful when there is a cooperative effort between you and our personnel. In the spirit of shared responsibility, the Student Success Team meets regularly to explore, problem solve, and enhance your child's success in school. You are a vital part of that team.

This page is intended to help you better understand how our Student Success Team works so that you may become an active member of the team. Your concerns, suggestions, and questions concerning your child are very valuable. We ask that you share them with us at the meeting of our Student Success Team.

What is the Student Success Team?

The Student Success Team (SST) is a school site team, which reviews individual student strengths and areas of need. The SST plans strategies and organizes resources for addressing problems and concerns.

How is a student selected to be discussed at the SST?

Usually the classroom teacher, other staff members, or the child's family may indicate that the student's learning, behavioral and/or emotional needs are causing concern.

Who will be on the team?

You can expect to see your child's teacher, the principal or an administrative designee, plus other staff members who have expertise that might be useful (e.g. another classroom teacher, speech therapist, etc.). The total number will vary from 3 to 8 people. Together, we work to develop steps to assist your child.

What happens at the SST meeting?

We begin our meeting by discussing the strengths of the student. Next, we gather some information about the student's background. Then we focus on his/her progress at school. We work as a team to discuss possible strategies or interventions that may help the child be more successful. During the meeting a recorder will take minutes on an SST Success Plan. Families will also be provided with a copy of the minutes.

How do I prepare for the meeting?

You are a part of the team. As the different aspects of your child are discussed, you will be able to give valuable input that will help the team better understand your child. Please bring any reports or information you would like to share with the team regarding your child. Think of other information that would be helpful to the school such as: the student's interests, health history, developmental steps, family dynamics, previous tutors, or assessments. 

What is the SST Summary or Student Success Plan?

This is a form developed during our meeting. It helps the team to organize its thoughts in one central location. The sheet serves as a record of the minutes of the SST meeting. It also frees the participants from taking notes and provides a "picture" of the student's strengths, concerns, and a specified action plan. Some of the sections include:
  • Strengths
  • Areas of Concern
  • Interventions
  • Next Steps
  • Persons Responsible

What do you mean by "Strengths"?

"Strengths" are the positive areas that your child has going for him/her. Some examples of strengths are:

  • Is a leader
  • Likes school
  • Belongs to certain clubs
  • Is a good friend
  • Likes to help
  • Is creative
  • Has a hobby
  • Plays with others
  • Is nice

What are some examples of strategies or interventions that might be recommended?

  • Conduct parent-student conference
  • Change seating
  • Create individual contracts
  • Change groups
  • Begin buddy system
  • Simplify class assignments
  • Practice eye contact
  • Create a system for assignments
  • Implement behavioral supports or consequences
  • Use visual aids when giving instruction

Will I be given ideas to help my child at home?

If it is appropriate, some suggestions will be offered at the SST about ways you can help your child at home.

Does this meeting mean my child will receive Special Education assistance?

No. The primary purpose of the Student Success Team is to assess the value of strategies which are being used in the regular classroom, and create new ones if necessary. If all avenues have been exhausted, testing may be recommended to determine whether your child is eligible to receive Special Education services.

Will my child be a part of the meeting?

The student is not part of the meeting at the elementary school level. However, there are situations where an intermediate student may be invited to the meeting to help the team better understand critical issues.

How long will the meeting last?

Our goal is to remain focused and complete the meeting within a 30-45 minute time limit.

Will there be other meetings?

At the conclusion of the SST, the team will determine what the next "best" step is. This often involves meeting to review the progress and/or success of the Student Success Plan. The follow-up meeting may involve parents, and one or two members of the team, or the entire team--whichever is appropriate.

Whom do I contact if I have questions before coming to the meeting?

Please contact your child's teacher.