7th - Mr. Rodabaugh

Hello My Name Is...

Marcus Rodabaugh

I look forward to a wonderful year at the Next Generation STEAM Academy.



Greetings, I am Marcus Rodabaugh, I also go by Mr. MARS which is an acronym for my whole name. I have the privilege of teaching of the Next Generation STEAM Academy this year. I have taught for the last 3 years in a classroom with another 5 years instructing as an aid with technology. Before achieving my life long goal of becoming a teacher, I was a computer technician in Modesto for 10 years. While I worked in technology I found I had a love of teaching people how to use their first computers. While I still spend time tinkering around with technology most of my free time is used to spend time with my family. My wife and I have two wonderful boys ages 7 & 8, which we pour our hearts and souls into helping them become the best they can be.


I love to utilize my mind, as such, I play strategy board games like Warmachine, Hordes, and Pathfinder. Another thing that draws me into these games is the miniatures you use for them. I have a very artistic side and enjoy painting the miniatures which I use for the games. When I can, I enjoy a good book, mostly fantasy adventure or Sci-Fi types.