What is STEAM?

•   The acronym STEAM stands for:

                 • Science
                                   • Technology
                                                           • Engineering
                                                                                     • Arts
                                                                                                 • Mathematics

STEAM is an interdisciplinary, cross-curriculum, real-world process of teaching where core subjects are interwoven, not taught in isolation, much like what students will encounter in this world of global diversity.  Rigorous, core curriculum is applied through STEAM-focused projects/activities and aligned to board adopted curriculum, new Common Core State Standards, & Next Generation State Standards.

What you see on a STEAM campus:

student engagement
researchersexperimentationrisk takersdesignersredesigningart • creativitypresentations self-discoveryreal-world relevancerigorperseverancecritical thinkersproject-based learning21st Century skillsstudent driven projectscollaborationcreative problem solvers engineersexplorationinnovative thinkers • academic excellenceinquiring mindstechnology literate studentscommunitystudents happy to go to schoolteachers who believe that learning is never a done deal...