First Day of School
August 8, 2016

NextGeneration STEAM Academy

at River Islands

TK/K – 8 Charter School

S.T.E.A.M - Science, Technology, Engineering,
Arts, & Mathematics

Welcome to NextGeneration STEAM Academy where children are invited to learn through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics in way that makes sense to them through real-life application.  Our students learn to embrace inquiry, collaboratively interact with each other, persist in problem-solving strategies, take risks and recognize that wrong outcomes are celebrated moments that can be used to promote deeper learning.  STEAM integration is the innovative balance that prepares & encourages each and every one of our students to embrace that global world of diverse opportunity that awaits them as they progress far into the future.

Headlines and Features

Movie Night will be September 24th 

Click on the link below to find out more...

PTO Movie Night September.pdf

Traffic Procedures 

NextGen families, this is Mrs. Pombo and I think I have the best families possible.  I had few complaints from families today and you probably had good reason to complain.  Most of you were very patient and I thank you for that!  I spent about an hour with Deputy Lindemann trying to map out the best plans for dropping off and picking up students. 

Please follow his plans: 

Kinder students: All students will be at the kinder gate for pick up at their pick up times.  1st—2ndgrade students will all be picked up at regular time at the kinder gate which includes parents who live in the development.  We need these parents to stand against the fence as not to slow down the process of car pick up.  Please have your child’s name in the window so we can easily identify him/her.  This includes 1st-2nd graders.  Make the names BIG so we can see!

All 3rd & 4th Grade students will be at Gate 3 on Commercial Street waiting to be picked up.  These students may go with their siblings to the far gate if parents want to pick them up together, but older students may not come to Gate 3.

 Fifth through 8th grade students will be picked up at Gate #5 parking lot.

Kinder through third grade students may be dropped off at kinder Gate, but older students need to be dropped on Commercial Street, Gate #3.

Important information!

·         The first parking lot will be closed indefinitely to parents during drop off and pick up.

·         DO NOT PULL FORWARD by going around until the person in front of you moves out of the way.

·         Do have your child’s name in the window if in kinder—2nd grade!

·         Do NOT park in administration parking lot and pick up your child, get in line with everyone else and be patient.

·         Do be courteous with one another and our officers.  Remember to thank them for keeping us safe.

·         Do NOT make turns or blow through 4 way stop if the crosswalk person has not reached the side walk.  It could cost you a ticket.

·         Do have a great three day weekend by spending valuable time with your children.  Thanks for understanding we are all about the safety of our children!!!

Here is the School Map! NextGen School Map.pdf